Dear Twitter

I missed our anniversary. Forgive me. I realise It’s been over a year since I fell in-love (with your soft white plumage and engaging conversation). I expected the honeymoon period to be over by now. Alas, I am still counting the ways I do love thee.
Yet as I approach a year on from vowing to get others involved ( how cult-esque that sounds), my recruitment plan hasn’t entirely worked. At last years CLC conference we constructed a using SoMe plan focused on our no.1 learning tool, Twitter.
The stages preposed were:
Stage 1 – lurking
Stage 2 – retweet+reply
Stage 3 – tweet+share
At that point my affection for you went unnoticed. So I set about enlisting my colleagues to join your world of 140-character-quips in the hope we could share the love, LEARNING and laughs that you so generously platform.
As with all relationships, there’s been highs and lows. 11 months on:
– HR Manager is fully tweeted up to stage 3, attending tweet-ups and conversing
– eLearning Developer has vowed off Twitter for life after a hacking frenzy of multiple foreign tweets were sent from her account
– L+D Advisors 3/4 ain’t bad! Stage 2 and getting better
– Head of L+D as above
– HR Director just got new iPad, I have a way in and am working on getting him lurking.

So it’s in the face of failure or partial success, that I launch my second campaign in your honour.

Thanks for the people, resources, smiles and love. Nice is underrated.

Here’s to another happy year Twit! #whennicknamesdontwork

To lurkers, retweeters, tweeters, you can find me at @joeystepho Following some brilliant people.

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