Delivering Brilliance

I love nothing more than noticing people be brilliant. Especially when observing someone leading a group towards learning – it just makes. my heart. sing.

Tuesday I assessed a group of Addaction colleagues delivering a micro-teach to complete their Train the Trainer qualification. Taking a Zanderian approach (see Art of Possibility) I decided to ‘give an A’ to everyone from the off – they all achieved. They then had to write, as if writing at the end of the session, what they did to get the pass.
Then do it. Of course.

8 lots of micro-teaches. I told them it’s my favourite day because I get to see down at the back of room and not do much. But really, it’s my favourite because I get to see them come alive with passion and deliver something remarkable. They often over prepare (as encouraged) then responsively go with the flow as a result. They warm into their delivery and realise that rapport is key to engagement.

And I watch, and listen to…

• Chai Kung and relaxation to prep
• Sharepoint brought to life, resulting in active buy-in (a move from resistance) and people looking forward to trying something out.
• Ear seeds shared to stimulate cranial nerves and balance serotonin…and chi depending on your school of thought. Can you suspend your disbelief for 15mins?
• Creating a secure p4ssw0rd with comedy and cartoons.
• “I’m going on an audit” office wrap beats with attention to detail.
• Forms with purpose and passion
• Having the goals conversations using open questions and good listening

We wrote strength based feedback. We reflectively self-evaluated.
What a combination of specialities in one room. What an eclectic mix of learning snippets. This is what happens when you work at Addaction.

At the end I asked them to share:
• 1 thing you observed someone else do that you admired as brilliant practise
• 1 thing you did, and noticed yourself doing, that really worked. What was your ‘moment’
Without any facilitative control, each person received a genuine peer affirmation. And as a result, left realising how brilliant they actually are!

This is what happens when you work at Addaction – lets do more of this!

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