My Yoga Class

One day I will teach yoga. But not this year. This year I will continue to evolve and practise being in yoga.

I would recommend yoga to everyone. The more you learn the more you realise there is a yoga flow/position for everything – with most being of multiple benefit to your body, soul, mind and spirit. There are also many different styles of yoga to suit everyone. Hot and fast (like Vinyasa from Ashtanga), slow and restorative (like Yin), based on holding positions (like Iyengar) or flows and breathing (like Kundalini).
Or like me you might enjoy a combination of whatever takes your fancy on that day. Instilled by a teacher who is constantly developing their practice to bring you OM chanting, varied meditations, breathing, extended positions, pair work, chakra work and self-designed flows. A professional and a guru.

Yet, you might wonder why I don’t invite you to my yoga class. To practice beside me.

The thing is, in yoga, I don’t have to be anything for anyone.
My yoga doesn’t need explaining or understanding. It just is.
When I’m doing yoga, I’m in yoga. Not a care in the world and no consideration for how your down-dog is going.
There is no competition in yoga. No right way or wrong way, just my way.
My focus is completely on my breath and body. No space for anything else.
Of course there are days when other thoughts invade. Which is why it’s always practise. Practise at presence and focus.
When you’re done, it feels like…

Yoga is my go to place. My sanctuary.

It’s difficult to share that with you.
It’s precious, and just for me, and I’m selfish in yoga.

One day I will teach yoga. But not this year.

Om Shanti

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