CIPD MAP 15: Be HR Smart

I’m delighted to be covering social media with Helen Amery for the forthcoming CIPD Midlands Area Partnership event, this Saturday 3rd October in Hinckley, Leicestershire. I’ll be blogging here and also tweeting via @jostepho.

The event title ‘Develop yourself and shape your future’ makes two assumptions.

First, that you want to develop yourself 

Second, that you can shape your own future

My assumption from recognising that you’ve given up your Saturday to be at this event is that you care not just about your development, but also about developing others, and I’m excited to be learning with that group of people. As an enthusiastic L+Der I’m always seeking learning, embodying Carol Dwecks ‘Growth Mindset’ and believing that human capacity is infact limitless. 

I’m looking forward to hearing our fellow HR professionals share their career journeys of how they got to where they are now. I imagine there will be highs and lows, and I’m hoping to feel inspired by others’ self-belief and courage (no pressure guys). 

During writing this blog a tweet caught my eye (from @adyhowes also from the Midlands, just down ‘road from me). The interaction started:

“Do you agree that the only stories worth sharing are those that you are passionate about”

To which Ady replied “I have to say I don’t. The stories that others find passion about are worth sharing too”

‘My beautiful career and other stories’ is the tile of Professor John Arnold’s workshop, which you can catch at 11.30 or 13.30. My co-blogger for the event Helen Amery will be attending John’s workshop, which means unfortunately I’ll miss it (and will look forward to Helen’s blog instead). Just the title draws me to reflect on my own career, and to consider it as the ‘beautiful’ journey that has shaped who I am today.

The thing is, I’ve always had someone in my sights. No not like that. I mean a rolemodel, or somebody standing over there doing that, who I’ve looked across/up at and thought ‘I want to be doing what you’re doing’. When I reflect back it’s feels important to remember how impossible it was for me to imagine myself doing ‘that’. Rarely did I approach these seemingly huge aspirations with an action plan, yet somehow maybe from self-belief/hard work/determination/attitude, things happened. No wait – I made things happen. I shaped my own future. 

Is the challenge knowing how so that we can repeat the success? Or being brave enough to dream big and just believing you’ll get there in your own sweet time?

11 years ago I was a support worker in a 33 bed direct access hostel for homeless adults. Use your imagination in place of my elaboration. Lots of night shifts, lots of action, tons of learning about the people stuff, often the hard way. I definitely didn’t earn much but I definitely became richer. When I look back, I think I loved that job. People I supported often had workers from Addaction, and I sat in on treatment sessions and learnt about Harm Reduction (small interventions with a big impact). Then one day I attended a training session on Drug and Alcohol Awareness. I was enthralled and watched the facilitator with admiration thinking ‘I want to be doing what you’re doing’. It felt out of reach. 8 years later I became Learning and Development Manager for Addaction UK.

Now I’m wondering what I’ll be doing in 8 years time.

What’s your story? When did you last stop and reflect?

See you Saturday!

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