Ps, I think you would like this photo.

I’d never seen death before.
I didn’t come to see death or dying, I came to see you.
I forgot that I was there to say goodbye.
I said it, but I forgot to do it.
To be there, but then let go.
I just forgot.

4 long hours that came and went in a flash.
Like those flashbulb memories I read about.
When you never forget where you were and exactly what you were doing when something huge happened.
Like Princess Diana, and the Twin Towers.
You were short.
You were quiet.
You were small on things.
Yet you left behind something so big.

I will continue this year, to seek out and experience peaceful surroundings.
And spend time with peaceful people. In the hope that I will absorb this peace into me.
When that happens
I’ll pass it on to the ones you loved.

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