A rose by any other name 

“I’m not a disruptor” he said with courage in a room full of disruptors. Because (I paraphrase and apologise for deviation) if someone wants coffee and thats the mix with milk and sugar, how they want it and fitting to needs I’m going to give it to them like ‘this’ not shake it up and throw it in their face. And unfortunately the discussion didn’t ensue …there wasn’t time or space permitted for it …but if it had:
It’s ok to be disruptive

It doesn’t mean to throw things in people’s faces all chaotic like “‘av it”
Disruptive can be about developing discrepancy. Being the objective listener who enables a step back to observe the bigger picture. To come alongside and gently highlight the discrepancy between what someone knows and believes, and their incongruent behaviours. Creating a dissonance and planting a seed of consideration of both staying the same or doing something different.

If disruptive is about change, then surely we’re talking about motivation. In my experience of people, I haven’t ever known of enduring motivation to emerge from newness or ideas being thrown in faces to create discomfort. So you’re an expert. Even when the new idea is amazingly good, people don’t hop on it because of your enthusiasm. It’s got to fit – be placed in the open space created for it after adequate time to think and explore.

Like those blogs about how shit L+D is evocative of reactionary short lived motivation ‘away from’ a currently dysfunctional situation. But towards what? and where? Disruptive today, but not with lasting impact for tomorrow.
Disruptive starts with appreciation of the current situation from all perspectives. The stuckness and difficulties need recognition first, with the development of discrepancies to shine light on the stuckness. This is important. This is an experienced reality. 

Then the exceptions – because when something going wrong it’s not 100% shit, 100% of the time and there are always exceptions, both in practice, and to performance inhibiting thoughts. These need to be appreciated the hell out of. The effort needs noticing, the goodness needs noticing, the how this is happening needs noticing. And here the disruption is present through facilitation of all this appreciation and…by the ideas and newness that can now be built upon these foundations. To change direction, to do something different, to make the exception a habit. 

Disruption is about creating disruption within. That motivates change. To break the patterns and do something better more often. It’s longer lasting when it’s built on recognition of what’s already happening. That recognising is a choice of how to view things, and you as the disruptor make that choice. To stand at a distance and throw beautiful coffee all over people or come alongside and catalyse a journey of self-efficacy towards better.

NB There’s theory behind the above points but I haven’t put the effort in to ref them because this is a blog and I’m not handing it in to be assessed or to fit a criteria. Yet maybe it doesn’t matter because it’s wrong anyway and there will still be a debate about whether a word is over used or looses meaning when a rose by any other name would be just as disruptive and the meaning is emergent from doing. Who cares what we call it. Stop blogging and do something then Jo. 

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