I Buy Books

It gets expensive. Although they’re very easy to wrap up for gifts.

Recently I’ve rejoined Derbyshire Libraries. My local one is very small and quaint, and I’ve committed to visiting regularly because I know that if it wasn’t there I’d be disappointed and quick to exclaim “where have all the libraries gone”?!

I have vivid memories of the library providing enchantment and wonder. I desired books before I could read them and would sit cross legged pretending to read the story aloud to my non-existent audience who listened eagerly. I’d spend what felt like hours sifting through the boxes of books lined up, and sometimes wouldn’t even take one out because I was overwhelmed with choice. I’d love that to be available for other children and families too.

Yesterday I spent a few hours working from Nottingham City library, chosen over buying another over-priced coffee for some free wifi. I sat on the 2nd floor and could have easily been distracted into people watching. There were people searching through old records via a machine, doing some photocopying, paying for a colour print, mapping out diagrams from various resources and using their booked hour on the Internet. Reading, researching, learning, discovering, connecting. I overheard a man from Lincoln telling the librarian that today he’d found another piece to his puzzle. Another man I sat near was researching the archives of a local club, and to my right was what I imagine is an essential resource for many a school project:
 …a whole section dedicated to the guy. Only in Nottingham. It wasn’t under ‘local history’.

What a luxury it is to have a laptop, wifi, and a printer (that scans, photocopies, and prints photos, in colour, wirelessly) at home.

What’s your local community library like?

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