A Blog About Blogging

When it comes to blogging, there are…

Small blogs, long blogs, big fat juicy blogs. Fast blogs, slow blogs, the ones that open your mind blogs. Short blogs, long blogs, some as big as your head. Intriguing blogs, incredible blogs, and some you read in bed.

There are reflective blogs written with care, and informational blogs written with flare, full of references and links to spur you to read more. Keep asking, keep questioning.

There are sharing blogs. There are daring blogs.

Blogs that download thinking and then upload it to share with the world.

Blogs that drip with passion and fire, fuelling you into action.

Blogs that reach up inside you and gently tug at something that makes your eyes water.

Warm blogs that require a cuppa, and a re-read to understand and sink it..and ponder. And then pacy blogs that spark your thinking and trigger a blogged response.

There are even blogs written at 4am in the morning due to pain-induced-insomnia, fuelled by frustration that end up receiving a colossal amount of views.

And sometimes there are blogs that are written live during an event or learning session in order to capture the essence of being there for those who can’t be. Blogs that you write whilst listening, interpreting, understanding and reflecting all at the same time – those blogs.

On May 11th and 12th I’ll be joining a fabulous blog-squad team at the #CIPDLDShow.  to live-blog and tweet my way through some seminars, and hopefully provide some periscoping into the exhibitions too! Tickets and more info here.

After stocking up my Contigo (best thermo-mug around) with a good cuppa tea I’ll be starting Wednesday in the company of Beverly Aylott Head of Learning at AbbVie Ltd, and Shauna O’Handley Head of Talent Value Proposition & Performance, Misys Financial Software (@f3peep) sharing their experience of sustaining performance through changing times by focusing on core leadership values [A2]. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories about creating authentic, accountable and emotionally intelligent leadership, as this and a strengths-based approach is right up my street. Plus I’m finding myself doing a lot of work around enculturation, personal vision and values at the moment. Powerful stuff that needs considered execution to be impactful and land well. So yes, I’ve picked a session that resonates just from the blurb, and I’m intrigued to hear Beverly and Shauna’s stories how they overcame the challenges, especially in organisations and sectors vastly different to mine.

Next another case study session with Tim Hallatt, Learning & Development Business Partner at ATS Euromaster, and James Mitchell, Snr Director Global Talent Development at Backspace on how to they demonstrated the value of L&D in supporting overall business strategy, engaged senior leaders, and made learning an invaluable process to the business [B2]. Again I’m interested to learn from their stories and how they achieved this, and also to compare notes as this reflects a similar seminar that my colleagues will be speaking at on Day 2: [G2] Identifying and Gaining the Learning Investment Needed in your Business .

Come afternoon I’ll be eager to hear Jane Hart (@C4LPT) talk about Social and Collaborative Learning [C1] as I’d love to create and embed more of this at Addaction. Followed by a bit of open-space learning (which I absolutely love) on [D3] Equipping your L&D Team with the Essentials for the Future. With Laura Overton, Founder and CEO of Towards MaturityDerek Bruce, Head of International Development for ABN AMRO and the CIPD’s own Andy Lancaster, Head of L&D Content.

In the evening you’ll find me gathering with other L+Ders for the CIPD sponsored tweet-up at the Hand and Flower pub close to Olympia. Book your ticket here! Come and say hello!

For Thursday I’m excited to start the day with Dr Itiel Dror; an actual neuroscientist talking about neuroscience – what a treat! Dr Dror will share his masterclass on ‘Using Cognitive Neuroscience to Maximise Learning’ [E1] based on his work as Cognitive Neuroscientist at University College London. The blurb suggests this masterclass will help you make learning memorable to inform behaviour change – my kinda biz.

Then it’s more coaching and culture stuff for me (I know, I’m as surprised as you are!) with case studies from Danone UK, via Paula Ashfield their Head of Learning, and Cancer Research UK, via Gaelle Tuffigo their Learning and OD Specialist, and Anthony Newman their Director of Brand, Comms and Marketing. I’m already wondering if Cancer Research face similar challenges to other charity organisations like Addaction, when it comes to culture and coaching, and keen to hear what they’ve learnt along the way. The session is called Developing Culture by Extending Coaching Capability [F2].

After refuelling me and the Contigo at lunch, I’ll be catching [G1] Professor Cliff Oswick of Cass Business School, City University London deliver a masterclass on Using New Forms of Change to Create Meaningful L&D Opportunities – I just love the title of this one…hope the session is as meaty as this blurb:

  • implications of transitioning from traditional ‘diagnostic OD’ to contemporary ‘dialogic OD’
  • how new forms of change can accelerate and deepen the experiential learning process
  • practical illustrations of how emergent change can enhance organisational L&D capabilities

Yes please – I’ll have a bit of that! But don’t forget you can hear my colleagues from Addaction at [G2] if this doesn’t take your fancy.

Then, because I’m not keen on People Metrics at all, I’m going to end the day with Google employees Steph Fastre, People Development Specialist and Aimee O’Malley, L+D Business Partner hosting a masterclass on [H1] Data and User Insights to Inform Learning Strategies. Why? Because in my experience of going towards discomfort or the less favourable option, there’s always been good learning. Plus, Steph has done some great stuff at Google including G-2-G which I’d like to hear more about.

Then…you’ll probably find me snoozing on the train back to Derbyshire – brain-aching, fingers tired, Contigo in tow.

5 thoughts on “A Blog About Blogging

  1. Sukh Pabial

    Enjoyed how this is written, Jo! Taken on a merry start, through your intrigue and excitement of the L&D Show and joining you at the end for a nice cuppa to settle back with!


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