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Toby and Sam

[Written 10 years ago when my first dog Toby died. We got him when I was 8 years old]

Once upon a spring time, 3 puppies we did find
But we could only keep 2, so 1 we left behind
The puppies they came from a farm, unwanted by their mum
But we had other things in mind, like lots of puppy fun!

The 1st puppy was brave enough to walk up to our feet
With optimistic puppy eyes, we couldn’t wait to meet!
The 3rd one was much quieter, and sat inside his pen
Appearing shy and nervous, little did we know then!
That 1st one came out gamboling, just like a little lamb
Kim took one look; she loved that pup, and chose to name him Sam!
The 3rd one he looked smaller, the opposite of Moby (the whale)
Jo swept him up into her arms, and chose to name him Toby!

So back at Heage the work began to build the perfect home
With a cosy bed and lots of space for these new pups to roam
Two weeks later the time had come to go and pick them up
Two little girls sat in the car, each cuddling a pup!

In their element they were, the girls just looked so glad
As were the pups when they came home and explored their new pad
A little smelly and grubby, they both needed a bath
Two wet puppies shaking about, you couldn’t help but laugh
And as they settled down to rest, looking cuter than can be,
The fell asleep, up in a heap, content and blissfully

On looking closer it appeared, right in front of our nose
That Sammy had white slippers on! And Toby had white toes!

We taught them how to sit and stay, and fetch and come and heal!
And how to be good mannered, so food they wouldn’t steal
We took them over hill and dale, in streams and to the woods!
“A dog’s life” you might look and say – they certainly had it good!

One day we met a farmer, whilst walking down a path,
In awe he wanted to keep them, with pride how we did laugh!
One day we took them both, to a local fun dog show,

They came joint firsts (best rescue and matching pair), their smiles they did glow!

Sammy liked to fetch his ball, again, again, again!
Whilst Toby liked to wander, playing his own sniffing game!
Their favourite place – can you guess? The smells there are so good!
And fetching sticks out of the pond – yes! It’s Ambergate Wood!

Well they’ve lived in Heage, were loved by all, and then they conquered Stonebroom,
And then retired to Bargate, where there is lots of room
There you will find Sammy, his white slippers on show!
As gentle soft and gentle as ever, that beautiful face you know!

But if you’re looking for Toby, you’ll have to close your eyes,
Cuz he’s now running on the farm, and basking beneath blue skies!

[can’t find the bit written when Sam also died a few month later]