F1: The evolution of leadership – developing leaders that are fit for the future

Adam Kingl (@adam_kingl) is Exec Director of Thought Leadership, within Exec Education at London Business School and responsible for “bringing cutting-edge thinking in many formats to a practitioner audience”

Wow – I’ve definitely not heard that job title before!

This session attracted me as I’m currently working with Sheffield Hallam University (go and see them in the exhibition on stand 152) to co-produce a Sheffield Future Leaders post-grad programme, with business across the Sheffield City Region – designed with and for people… to grow and develop future leaders… and the region. I could sit in a quiet room and design the programme on what I ‘think’ future leaders look like, and what I think people need… but instead it’s wholly co-production and a region wide needs analysis. I’m looking forward to some thought leadership… (she cringed). On a serious note, I am interested in any insights from Adam today.

So session 2 for me today an we’re talking about generations again .. why oh why are people so fascinated with different generations? I don’t get it. And i want to hear about ideas re future leaders please…

The slides are titled ‘A New Breed of Employee’ – I wondering if that the case or if employers have just realised that they have to listen now … rather than guess what people need.

Adam says that people aren’t wanting to stay with their employer for a long period of time… our grandparents had 1 job. Our parents might have had a few. Younger professionals are looking to have had 20+ jobs in their career lifetime. Adam has found that the most attractive factor in choosing an employer is development opportunities… giving people early, rich and diverse experiences – builds engagement.

OH! what just happened….  “i’m sure in a coffee shop on the corner of street in Sheffield presents little opportunity for rich and diverse experiences” – we’ll see… ! okay okay so there are strong regional reasons that I’m co-designing a ‘future leaders’ programme for people in Sheffield, however – I wont be starting with a limiting assumption.

Adam asks… what kind of leaders will Generation Y be? What will their focus be? global growth? 11.5% maximise return for shareholders? 11.5% growing the financial growth of the business? 1% entrepreneurial stuff? 33% renewing personal and org purpose? He asks if 1% frightens us? or if its a good thing …. Adam says its the end of quarterly and annual financial forecasts.

I think that all of things will still happen and people will still grow and thrive in business… but they will already know to start with (rather than learning after many years in senior leadership) that people are the most important resources. That how you treat people matters. That if you look after your people they will look after the business. I say that like a humanistic approach it’s a panacea … I’d love to now what you think.

Adam encourages us to exercise irregularity – which bureaucracy prevents and limits…

This feels like an academic lecture, from an engaging speaker. I hope that also means that Adam intends for us to be our own thought leaders. To go away and inquire… and research… and reflect on all of his messages.

[This blog was written live in session at the CIPD Learning and Development Show 2018, Olympia, London on Thursday 26th April. My intention is to capture a faithful summary of the session highlights, but my own bias and views will undoubtedly contribute to the tapestry of this story. Please excuse any typos, and don’t hesitate to join the conversation on Twitter with me @Jo_Coaches and the blog-squad #cipdldshow]


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