By sharp rugged blades that tore into me my intuition is now finely tuned

By patience that laid open my very edges for me to inspect

My multiple senses alert me to something and it doesn’t matter that I can’t quite put my finger on it

I don’t need to explain it to myself or to you. I trust, and give myself permission to make judgements

Where my default is open hearted kindness and love – this welcomes in similar and other

I like diversity and I like the challenge of difference … I go towards that kind of discomfort

This, is not that. It’s not discomfort. It is something else

And I have no name for it and would explaining it be helpful for me? or for you?

To understand so you feel better. And so does a name doesn’t matter

How can I possibly be all the things I aspire and try to be for the world

Unless I can truly be compassionate, empathic, and appreciate of


I promise, that I will always have time to listen to you.

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